Catriona Gray went to NBI after nude photo controversy


MANILA, Philippines (July 21) – Catriona Gray went to the National Bureau of investigation to seek for legal aide amid the topless photo that circulated online. Miss Universe 2018 wanted to take action against the person publishing the said content.

Gray went to the NBI after the commitment she attended at the Department of Trade Industry. The said event announced that she is the new ambassador of the “One Town, One Product” Program.

She told ABS-CBN News that they “are taking the actions that we need to address the issue at hand.”

Catriona’s lawyer, Attorney Joji Alonso that they are speaking out against this person. They said that they will take firm action about this attempt to defile the beauty queen’s reputation.

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Her legal counsel noted that they received tip of other attempts of the said entity. Some of the tactics they heard about were the plan to publish it in a tabloid.

Controversy surrounding Catriona Gray

“We want to inform the public that the photo is fake and digitally altered,” Gray said.

Alonso added that they will ensure that legal action is taken against involved individuals. Any participation in publication and manufacturing of the content will merit sanctions.

“At a time when fake news is prevalent, we firmly urge the public to be discerning and critical of what they see and share on social media,” the beauty queen said.

Last week, Catriona Gray was also linked to the the series of cryptic posts coming her ex-boyfriend.

Clint Bondad’s posts included mentions of “creating queens.”

That time, netizens expressed sympathy towards Bondad. Some suggested the the model-turned-entrepreneur needs to seek for professional help.

Others started to speculate that these may send a message about her former partner, Catriona Gray.

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