BREATHLESS: A Performance Art Initiative featuring Ronnie Lazaro


Slowly but surely, the Philippines is unfolding its take on modern art. Visual art may have been the most prominent field of arts in the country, yet there are others that should not go unnoticed. One of those is Performance Art, which is often viewed similar to performing arts. Going through a brief definition between the two, performing arts has always been scripted and meticulously rehearsed, while performance art doesn’t necessarily have to have a script. The essence of spontaneity is present in this type but even so there is a process involved between the artist and the performance. Although documentation is necessary in preserving the performance, due to its spontaneity, only a significant amount is recorded through technology. Most are imbedded in our minds, and lives on as a memory.

BREATHLESS: A Performance Art Initiative featuring Ronnie Lazaro Poster

The Performance Art Initiative is a project by the Benilde Arts and Culture Cluster (BACC) of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. The platform was established to help fund future performances within the college. Performance art may not ring a loud bell in the Philippines, but participating in this platform helps us to know more about the form and the brilliant, creative minds of Filipino performance artists, who in return introduces us to a wider and newer perspective of the art world. Having to live in the 21st century, a Facebook page was launched by the production team that provides information about upcoming and current projects with performance artists. The page also provides information about the Spark Up Project, which is a platform where anyone can donate a certain amount that will help fund the Performance Art Initiative for future use.

With this, on July 21, 2018 at 6PM, at the 6th Floor of the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde’s School of Design and Arts, film veteran, Ronnie Lazaro will partake in a performance entitled “Breathless”. Influenced by this in the early days of his career, performance art opens a curtain on another other side of his artistry.

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