Actress Nadine Lustre’s brother allegedly committed suicide


Pop star and actress Nadine Paguia Lustre, who featured in TV series and movies like Till I Met You, On The Wings of Love and This Time, suffered a personal loss after her brother Isaiah allegedly committed suicide in Quezon City.

As per police report via Philstar, 16-year old Isaiah Paguia Lustre, resident of No. 19 Hilo St., Silvina Village, Brgy. Talipapa, Quezon City died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head the day before yesterday.


Nadine Lustre
Popular pop star, actress and host Nadine Lustre | Photo credits Royal Domesticity

Based on the statements of Nadine’s siblings Ezekiel and Naomi, they were busy playing with tablets when they heard two gunshots at around 7:45 pm from the victim’s room.

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They immediately went to Isaiah’s room and found their brother’s bloodied body lying on the floor.

Isaiah Lustre
Isaiah Lustre | Photo credits to facebook/aysayahlustre

The siblings sought help from their neighbors and rushed to the Pacific Global Medical Center, but the victim did not reach the hospital alive. He was then officially declared dead on arrival at the said hospital.

The family members said that Isaiah had no problem with them, but they noticed these last few weeks that he was moody, irritable, did not talk to them and kept confinement in his room.

The victim’s father, Ulysses, refused to be investigated because he was convinced that he had committed suicide.

Earlier reports pointed out that Nadine shared some cryptic posts on her Instagram account, particularly an image showing a semi-colon, along with the hashtag of “#KeepGoing.” She also posted about a depression thing showing “You are stronger than depression.

Nadine Lustre hashtag #KeepGoing
via instagram/nadine
Nadine Lustre on You are Stronger than Depression
via instagram/nadine

Another post she shared was part of the lyrics of Coldplay’s Everglow hit song, hinting others that she will be missing someone.

Nadine Lustre on Coldplay Everglow
via instagram/nadine

Nadine Lustre and her family is yet to issue a statement as of press time.