‘Who is funding Trillanes?’

Social media ablaze anew as netizens express emotions and opinions on the "Anti-Duterte" advertisement broadcast by big television networks.


Rumor has it that a 20-million peso worth of campaign against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is being funded. In fact, a television advertisement paid for and by Vice Presidential Candidate and Senator Antionio Trillanes III has been broadcast by giant television networks ABS-CBN, TV 5, GMA Network yesterday, May 5, 2016. The question, therefore, arose as to “who is funding Trillanes when he does not even has enough for himself.”

The TV ad is as follows:

Presidential Candidate and Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has told the press in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija that Trillanes is being backed up by the palace.

Defensor on Trillanes

“Apparently, Trillanes has the support of Malacañang because he was able to access the Anti-Money Laundering Council records against Duterte. It appears that the charges are documented. If they were only superficial, there will be no need to investigate,” she said.

This is in connection to Trillanes’ statement that his informant is working “with an agency involved in investigating ill-gotten wealth of government officials.”

Defensor also added, “I think Trillanes is acting as an ally of the Liberal Party administration. The LP administration does not want Duterte to be the next President for so many reasons. One of the most potent reasons is that if Duterte won as president, he might place President Benigno Aquino in jail for charges.”

Meanwhile, the social media users  has been all the more disunited because of the above TV ad. Diverging opinions as to the TV ad is unethical or not.