If you cannot access the official website of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and you badly needed to check your precinct ID and biometrics registration status online, then Halalan 2016 app is your big help. (READ: COMELEC Precinct Finder for May 2019 Elections)

Powered by ABS-CBN, the COMELEC Halalan 2016 mobile application (“COMELEC App”) created by ABS-CBN aims to allow the public access to election-related information and services through mobile phones and devices.

With this application, a Filipino voter can check the status of his registration and eligibility for elections. It assists him in locating his precinct or polling place, and provides him with information and news related to the coming 2016 Philippine elections.

To use Halalan 2016 app, mobile users may simply need to download the application available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How to Check Your Biometrics and Precinct ID?

Halalan-2016-app-2013Step 1. Download Halalan 2016 app via Apple App Store or Google Play Store in your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile gadget. Just use the keyword “COMELEC Halalan” to search the app.

Step 2. Open the newly installed app and choose “My Status” icon to access Precinct Finder and know your ID Printing Status.

Step 3. Supply your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth.

Precinct Finder Tips

Tips in using Precinct Finder and ID-Printing Status Verifier:

  1. Fill in all NAME fields completely as you’ve indicated in your Application Form for registration.
  2. Do not type just your MIDDLE INITIAL if you wrote your complete MIDDLE NAME during registration.
  3. In case encoding errors may have been committed by your local COMELEC office:
    1. If your name contains a JR, SR, II, III, IV, etc., try several variations of typing your name, as follows:
      1. in the FIRST NAME field after your first name, such as JUAN JR.
      2. in the LAST NAME field after your last name, such as DELA CRUZ JR.
      3. with a period, such as JR.
      4. without a period, such as JR
      5. with a comma and period, Such as JUAN, JR. or JUAN JR.,
      6. with two (or three) spaces in between, such as JUAN JR. or JUAN JR.