41 Best Pharmacy Schools in the Philippines Ranked in 2018


Where does your pharmacy school or alma mater rank among others? Local Pulse School Rankings just released its 2018 rankings of the best pharmacy schools in the Philippines.

Schools were ranked according to the two pharmacist licensure examinations in 2018 plus other factors including level of accreditation and faculty-student ratio to find out which pharmacy schools have the most valuable undergraduate programs to produce batch of examinees with high passing rates.

These results were computed hours after the release of results of August 2018 Pharmacy Licensure Examination on Wednesday, August 8.

Details on the present methodology are discussed here. Other possible factors which are possibly secondary variables in determining the best Philippine schools for pharmacy are included in the disclaimer page. Factors such as international linkages, community involvement, employer reputation, research outputs, and research citations per faculty are not part of this study. These variables are assumed to be evaluated by accrediting agencies.

Of the 100 colleges and universities offering undergraduate programs in pharmacy, only 41 made the list.


University of Santo Tomas led the list of the top performing schools offering pharmacy undergraduate programs in 2018 with 93.19 percent overall score. Centro Escolar University-Manila followed with 84.49 percent overall score while Saint Louis University and University of the Philippines-Manila ranked third and fourth with 81.41% and 78.50% overall scores, respectively. Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela landed fifth with 77.76 percent overall score.

Best Philippine Schools to Study Pharmacy for 2018 V3

To rank the schools, we took the weighted passing rates of the two pharmacist licensure examinations in 2018, the number of examinees, and top performing examinees as the overall board exam performance, and faculty-student ratio and accreditation status of the pharmacy undergraduate program as other criteria. Note that the passing rates we used for 2018 pharmacy licensure examinations were adjusted to 60% and above (unlike the PRC’s 80%), and minimum of 20 examinees (unlike the PRC’s 50 minimum examinees).

Read on to see which schools made the list.

41 Best Philippine Schools with Pharmacy Programs for 2018
PASSEDFAILEDTOTALWeighted % PASSEDNo. of Examinees (20%)With Top Examinees (10%)Accreditation LevelAccreditation Level Score (20%)Faculty-Student Ratio (FSR)No. of Students per FacultyFSR Score (10%
11UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS93.192983633489.22%10090COE1001:141485
24CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY- MANILA84.4944412957377.49%100100Level IV801:202075
32SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY82.41214622097.27%8060Level III701:282875
43UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES- MANILA78.595095100.00%40100Level II601:151585
58OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY-VALENZUELA77.762004824880.65%8040COD901:272775
610ADAMSON UNIVERSITY73.885746193.44%4070Level III701:272775
75UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS73.748749195.60%4070Level II601:161685
86UNIVERSITY OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION-DAVAO70.651503118182.88%7040Level II601:212175
99SAN PEDRO COLLEGE-DAVAO CITY69.11091712686.50%5040Level II601:131385
1013CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY- MALOLOS67.83851710283.33%5040Not Accredited301:191985
1112MARIANO MARCOS STATE UNIVERSITY-BATAC67.617768392.77%4040Level I501:151585
1216CENTRAL PHILIPPINE UNIVERSITY65.636597487.84%4080Not Accredited301:131385
1317CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY- MAKATI65.54952011582.61%5040Level I501:191985
1411MANILA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY- CALOOCAN CITY64.62833311671.55%5040Level II601:088100
1520OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY-ANTIPOLO CITY63.291173515276.97%6040Level I501:343465
167UNIVERSITY OF SAN AGUSTIN63.25923612871.88%5040Level II601:141485
17-AQUINAS UNIVERSITY62.553924195.12%3040Not Accredited301:141485
1818ANGELES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION61.3464198377.11%4040Level I501:111185
19-CEBU DOCTORS UNIVERSITY61.032993876.31%30100Not Accredited301:141485
20-UNIVERSITY OF MAKATI613023293.75%3040Not Accredited301:202075
2115ST. SCHOLASTICA'S COLLEGE- TACLOBAN60.383484280.95%3040Candidate401:066100
22-LYCEUM NORTHWESTERN UNIV- DAGUPAN CITY59.263433791.89%3040Not Accredited301:383865
23-OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY-PAMPANGA,INC (FOR EAST CC. INC)59.0673148783.91%4040Not Accredited301:272775
2422NEGROS ORIENTAL STATE UNIVERSITY (CVPC)-DUMAGUETE59.0145166173.77%4040Level I501:282875
25-SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY58.751014214370.63%6040Not Accredited301:181885
2619LICEO DE CAGAYAN UNIVERSITY57.3259298867.04%4040Level I501:161685
28-LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY-BATANGAS,INC56.231842281.82%3040Not Accredited301:282875
29-NOTRE DAME OF DADIANGAS UNIVERSITY, INC56.222362979.31%3040Not Accredited301:181885
30-FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY- NICANOR REYES MEDICAL FOUNDATION55.1436114776.59%3040Not Accredited301:101085
31-UNIVERSITY OF SAINT LOUIS- TUGUEGARAO55.083083878.95%3040Not Accredited301:232375
32-KIDAPAWAN DOCTORS COLLEGE, INC-KIDAPAWAN5529114072.50%3040Not Accredited301:077100
33-NATIONAL UNIVERSITY-MANILA54.1724123666.67%3040Level I501:212175
34-SACRED HEART COLLEGE OF LUCENA CITY, INC.54.061762373.91%3040Not Accredited301:111185
35-ST. DOMINIC COLLEGE OF ASIA (for. ST. DOMINIC C.A.S)53.731972673.08%3040Not Accredited301:151585
36-LORMA COLLEGES52.9841266761.19%4040Candidate401:191985
37-RIVERSIDE COLLEGE52.75775012760.63%5040Not Accredited301:151585
38-UNIVERSITY OF LA SALETTE- SANTIAGO49.9261359663.54%4040Not Accredited301:323265
39-NUEVA ECIJA COLLEGES48.9522143661.12%3040Not Accredited301:111185
40-UNIVERSITY OF THE VISAYAS- MANDAUE CITY48.3120113164.51%3040Not Accredited301:363665
4114SAINT PAUL UNIVERSITY- TUGUEGARAO48.0623133663.89%3040Not Accredited301:353565

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