25 Best Medical Schools in the Philippines for 2017


The ranking of the best medical schools in the Philippines for 2017 has been released, which currently features 25 of the 52 colleges and universities offering medicine programs.

University of Santo Tomas landed as the top medical school in 2017 with 96.11 percent. University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center followed with 95.49 percent while University of the Philippines-Manila ranked third with 85.52 pecent. These universities are currently Centers of Excellence for Medicine as declared by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

The rankings are based on the results of two physicians licensure examinations this year plus other factors including level of accreditation and faculty-student ratio to find out which medical schools have the most valuable programs to produce batch of examinees with high passing rate.

Details on the methodology are discussed here. Other possible factors which are possibly secondary variables in determining the best Philippine schools to study medicine are included in the disclaimer page. Factors such as international linkages, community involvement, employer reputation, research outputs, and research citations per faculty are not part of this study. These variables are assumed to be correlated to the board exam results.


Best Philippine Schools to Study Medicine for 2017

To rank the schools, we took the weighted mean of passing rates of two physician licensure examinations this year, the number of examinees, and top performing examinees as the overall board exam performance, and faculty-student ratio and accreditation status of the medicine program as other criteria.

Read on to see which schools made the list.

25 Best Philippine Schools with Doctor of Medicine Programs for 2017
PASSEDFAILEDTOTALWeighted % PASSED (40%)Number of Examinees (20%)With Top Examinees (10%)Accreditation LevelAccreditation Level Score (20%)Faculty-Student RatioNumber of Students per FacultyFaculty-Student Ratio Score (10%)
1UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS96.115001851896.53%100100COE1001:212175
3UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES- MANILA85.52160416497.56%5080COE1001:161685
6SAINT LUKE'S COLLEGE OF MEDICINE77.038418598.82%3070JCI Accredited801:14+1485
7CEBU INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE77.001330133100.00%4070Level II601:77100
8XAVIER UNIVERSITY70.746536895.59%3040Level III701:151585
9WEST VISAYAS STATE UNIVERSITY-LA PAZ70.13113411796.58%4090Not Accredited301:191985
10SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY67.704915098.00%3040Level I501:121285
11SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY67.471462116787.42%5040Level II601:373765
12PAMANTASAN NG LUNGSOD NG MAYNILA67.44110311397.35%4040Candidate401:14+1485
13ATENEO DE MLA UNIV. SCHOOL OF MED. & PUBLIC HEALTH-PASIG66.90141414597.24%4040Not Accredited301:088100
14DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION65.781142113584.45%4040Level I501:77100
15CEBU DOCTORS UNIVERSITY- COLLEGE OF MEDICINE65.19119912892.97%4040Not Accredited301:33100
16ANGELES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION64.917177891.02%3040Level I501:151585
17SAN BEDA COLLEGE63.871071412188.43%4040Candidate401:131385
18CENTRAL PHILIPPINE UNIVERSITY60.0868138183.95%3060Not Accredited301:161685
19ATENEO DE ZAMBOANGA UNIVERSITY59.7039115078.00%3040Level I501:131385
20CAGAYAN STATE UNIVERSITY- TUGUEGARAO58.1064107486.49%3040Not Accredited301:292975
21ILOILO DOCTORS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE57.4355157078.57%3040Not Accredited301:33100
22REMEDIOS T. ROMUALDEZ MEDICAL FOUNDATION55.0561238472.62%3040Not Accredited301:77100
23MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY- MARAWI CITY54.8365188378.31%3040Not Accredited301:212175
24MANILA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY- CALOOCAN CITY54.65763210870.37%4040Not Accredited301:121285
25UNIVERSITY OF SAINT LA SALLE54.5054187275.00%3040Not Accredited301:181885


  • + – average (estimate) number of faculty members per student of the other 23 colleges and universities offering medicine programs
  • Weighted passing rates used were 70% and above, and minimum of 50 examinees
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  1. Yeah right, People know that government medical schools are still the best. This is obviously a paid ranking top compensate for the decline of UST as a medical school of choice for intelligent students. UST is the medical school of choice for rich students.

      • Di ako insecure sa mga yan dahil natalo ko mga schools na yan sa inter-university medical quiz contest. Ni hindi nakaporma best nila dyan. May adviser, study period, excused from class, at amenities pa sila para sa contest na yan. Prepared na prepared sila. Samantalang kami nakajeep at ni hindi excused sa class ni hindi nakapag review. Pero tameme sila ni hindi nakaporma yang UST. Kakalase ko pa kalaban ko pero wala sila. Mahirap lang kasi kami at di sosyal.

        • Hindi ka lang pala insecure, sa personal na GALIT at POOT mo ka pala humuhugot. Ginawa mong excuse ang “kahirapan mo eg pagsakay sa jeep.” Mahirap yan, yung attitude na dala dala ng isang doctor sa real world. Isa ka sa talangka ng bayan. Yung marereklamong iskolar ng bayan, pagka graduate, nag aabroad naman pala.

          Anyway, here is my unsolicited advice, the least you can do is maging masaya ka nalang sa iyong blessings at hindi yung busy ka sa pilit mong kakahila ng iba pa-ibaba sa iyong mierable pit. There is more to life than comparing and hating schools. Count your blessings and be happy.

          Get out of your miserable hateful and vengeful life ASAP.

          • Where in the world did you get hate and vengefulness? Ikaw ang nagsabi ng INSECURE ako tapos after I disproved your accusation, you shifted and turned to GALIT at POOT? Stating facts is not being a crab. It is just stating facts. Why don’t you search for the board exam leakage that was found in the hands of top UST students in the 1996 board exams? You’re protecting this school because you invested millions in your studies there and like most investors you are willing to lie or believe lies to protect your investment. Get out of your imaginary world. Among doctors’ circles, it is well known that UST pays for top place in the boards.

          • By the way. I hope you know that Mocha Uson is a UST Medicine student and even passed second year. But decided to quit school after her father was assassinated. You would not find that kind of personality in a government medical school.

    • When did the “government medical schools are still the best…” become factual? They are over-rated if you ask me… UST never declined in their reputation as a good medical school… nor is it the medical student for the rich… Schools like Ateneo, UERM La Salle, charge more than UST…

      • Plus the criteria for the ranking isn’t even peer reviewed. Toatally biased in terms of criteria, favoring larger population schools. If the school is really the best it does not matter if you have 1000 or 10 students. You make them the best, You’re not supposed to make that a criterion knowing that government scholarships are limited. This is not a peer reviewed study and is obviously paid to make up for a certain private school that’s fading already.