2019 Top Philippine Schools by Citations in Top Google Scholar Profiles

Top 14 Colleges and Universities in the Philippines 2019

The Webometrics ranking reveals the 2019 top Philippine schools by citations in top Google Scholar profiles, which provide a simple way for authors to keep track of citations to their articles.

The 2019 Transparent Ranking: Top Universities by Citations in Top Google Scholar profiles shows the diverse options for studying in Philippines. In the 2019 ranking, a total of 6,213 colleges and universities in the world were considered.

In the Philippines, only 14 colleges and universities were included in the list of rankings. University of the Philippines with 62,820 citations is ranked 1 in the country but 1,015 in the world, followed by the University of the Philippines Diliman in particular with 23,366 citations. De La Salle University with 20,609 citations came third and at number 1,973 in the world. Ateneo de Manila University is ranked 4th and 2,479 worldwide with 13,800 citations.

Google Scholar Citations recently introduced the institutional profiles for providing rankings of scientists who shared the same standardized name and email address of an institution.

According to a statement on the Webometrics website, the ranking is an experiment for testing the suitability of including GSC institutional profiles data in the Rankings Web, but it is still in beta as there are many shortcomings that should be solved in future editions.

In the methodology only institutional profiles are chosen, data from the top 10 public profiles of each university are collected and the head of the list is excluded for improving representativeness. The figures are valid only at the time of collection.

Below is the complete list of 2019 Top Philippine Schools by Citations in Top Google Scholar Profiles.

RankWorld RankingSchoolCitations
11,015University of the Philippines 62,820
2 1,854University of the Philippines Diliman 23,366
3 1,973De La Salle University 20,609
4 2,479Ateneo de Manila University 13,800
5 3,520University of the Philippines Manila 6,432
6 3,632Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology 5,915
7 3,835Mapua University 5,187
8 3,929University of San Agustin 4,855
9 4,145University of Santo Tomas 4,182
10 5,072University of the Philippines Los Baños 2,137
11 5,148University of San Carlos 2,014
12 5,220Silliman University 1,915
13 5,247Central Luzon State University 1,885
14 5,489Asian Institute of Management 1,577