17 Best Radiologic Technology Schools in the Philippines for 2018


(Updated as of 8:14, 5 Sept., 2018) A number of highly rated colleges and universities offer programs in radiologic technology. Find out about school rankings for the 17 best radiologic technology schools in the Philippines for 2018.

Schools were ranked according to the recent radiologic technology licensure examination in 2018 plus other factors including level of accreditation and faculty-student ratio to find out which radiologic technology schools have the most valuable undergraduate programs to produce batch of examinees with high passing rates.

The basis of the ranking of best radiologic technology schools are founded by 5 criteria:

First, the overall yearly school board performance (40%). These results are weighed in and based on the total number of examinees in each examination period. In connection to this, the second criteria, the number of examinees (20%), is also scrutinized as large number of examinees make the passing percentage rate very hard to maintain.

The third criterion is the ranks of top performing examinees (10%). Examinees who made it in the list of topnotchers give their schools high scores based on their ranks as consideration.

Level of accreditation (20%) is another thing to consider in the ranking system, as a high accreditation status from governing bodies such as the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU), Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACUP), or Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) recognize the schools as Centers of Excellence and Development with strong and sound curricula and programs related to the course.

The fifth criterion for the best schools is the faculty student ratio (20%) as studies show the significance of low student-faculty ratio increasing the success rate of examinees achieving high passing rates in licensure examinations.

Best Philippine Schools to Study Radiologic Technology for 2018 v. 2

As of 2018, 17 out of 102 institutions bested in radiologic technology programs. Obtaining the top spot is Davao Doctors College, Inc. with 79.35% overall score. De La Salle-Health Sciences Institute follows, with a percentage rate of 74.30%. Liceo de Cagayan University in Cagayan de Oro City holds the third rank at 71.17%, and the fourth rank to the Saint Louis University in Baguio City at 69.52%. The fifth rank, Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines is at 67.88%, while Saint Paul University in Tuguegarao City holds the sixth rank at 64.02%. The seventh in ranking is Saint Jude College in Manila at 63.46%, followed by Lorma Colleges, holding the eighth rank at 62.34%. Cebu Doctors University of Cebu holds the ninth rank at 59.94%, while University of Makati at 10th rank with 59.88% overall score.


Read on to see which schools made the list.

17 Best Philippine Schools with Radical Technology Programs for 2018
PASSEDFAILEDCONDTOTAL% PASSED (40%)No. of Examinees (20%)With Top Examinees (10%)Accreditation LevelAccreditation Level Score (20%)Faculty-Student Ratio (FSR)No. of Students per FacultyFSR Score (10%
1DAVAO DOCTORS COLLEGE, INC.79.358812110187.13%60100Level III701:121285
2DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY-HEALTH SCIENCES INSTITUTE74.3013750018773.26%9070Level I501:077100
3LICEO DE CAGAYAN UNIVERSITY71.17321604866.67%40100COD901:161685
4SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY69.5277408195.06%5060Candidate401:282875
5MEDICAL COLLEGE OF NORTHERN PHILIPPINES67.8815185223863.45%10040Level I501:171785
6SAINT PAUL UNIVERSITY- TUGUEGARAO64.0221202391.30%3090Not Accredited301:353565
7SAINT JUDE COLLEGE-MANILA63.46613309464.89%6040Level III701:232375
8LORMA COLLEGES62.34471606374.60%5060Candidate401:191985
9CEBU DOCTORS UNIVERSITY59.94351104676.09%4070Not Accredited301:141485
10UNIVERSITY OF MAKATI59.88511316578.46%5040Not Accredited301:181885
12FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY- NICANOR REYES MEDICAL FOUNDATION54.00221003268.75%4040Not Accredited301:101085
13ARELLANO UNIVERSITY-MANILA53.82281304168.29%4040Not Accredited301:161685
14SAINT GABRIEL COLLEGE-KALIBO53.7613802161.90%3070Not Accredited301:055100
15ANGELES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION52.0920902968.97%3040Not Accredited301:111185
16COLLEGE OF OUR LADY OF MERCY OF PULILAN FNDTN., INC- PULILAN49.5015902462.50%3040Not Accredited301:181885
17WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY- PHILIPPINES-CABANATUAN CITY48.6517902665.38%3040Not Accredited301:353565

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