Top 150 Filipino scientists named

Top 150 Filipino Scientists by Webometrics

Cybermetrics Lab named scientists and researchers as Top 150 Filipino Scientists based on their performance according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles.

Top 150 Filipino Scientists by Webometrics

Sixty-four researchers of the University of the Philippines made it to the Top 150 Filipino Scientists/Scholars by Webometrics.

De La Salle University’s Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and University Fellow Dr. Raymond Tan topped this year’s country’s list of the most outstanding and renowned scientists from different universities and government agencies.

Tan, who focuses studies in process systems engineering and process integration, with applications to low-carbon energy systems and sustainable industrial operations, nagged the top spot with 2,849 citations.

Tan was followed by Maricar Prudente, a full professor at the Science Education Department of De La Salle University-Manila and an ecotoxicologist, conducting researches on environmental monitoring of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Prudente has 2,588 citations per Google Scholar.

The list also mentioned researchers of other institutions such as Ateneo de Manila University and University of Santo Tomas. So far, Ateneo de Manila University has only 7 scientists in the list.

PhilStar said the list was collected during the third week of May 2015 from the public profiles of researchers working in Philippine institutions. “It is a BETA ranking of the scientists according to their declared presence in the Google Scholar Citations database.”

The list of researchers was ranked first by h-index (a tool that measures the efficiency and citation bearing of a published research work) in decreasing order and, when ties appear, then by the total number of citations as a secondary criteria.

Below is the list of Top 150 Filipino scientists:

1Raymond TanDe La Salle University322849
2Maricar PrudenteDe La Salle University272588
3Charles Yuji HoriokaAsian Growth Research Institute; University of the Philippines; Osaka University245717
4Arsenio M BalisacanUniversity of the Philippines; National Economic and Development Authority242525
5Ernesto M PerniaUniversity of the Philippines222282
6Porfirio AlinoUniversity of the Philippines211752
7Allan B I BernardoUniversity of Macau; De La Salle University; University of the Philippines; Yale University211347
8Caesar SalomaUniversity of the Philippines191346
9Delano VillanuevaDe La Salle University182302
10Juan PulhinUniversity of the Philippines161734
11Consolacion RagasaDe La Salle University161123
12Custer C DeocarisTechnological Institute of the Philippines161096
13Gavino C Trono JrUniversity of the Philippines16785
14Maricor SorianoUniversity of the Philippines151133
15Shun Fung ChiuDe la Salle University15834
16María Mercedes RodrigoAteneo de Manila University15779
17Fabian DayritAteneo de Manila University15778
18Gemiliano AliguiUniversity of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center15736
19WIlfredo Y LicuananDe la Salle University141120
20Rommel G BacabacUniversity of San Carlos Cebu141058
21Kardi TeknomoAteneo de Manila University14842
22Agustin R Mercado JrWorld Agroforestry Centre ICRAF14690
23Finbarr G HorganInternational Rice Research Institute Manila14467
24Ronald VillanuevaUniversity of the Philippines14417
25Florencia ClaveriaDe La Salle University13513
26Kathleen AvisoDe La Salle University13511
27Emmanuel de DiosUniversity of the Philippines13497
28Jose Alberto ReyesDe La Salle University12860
29Ronald C MacatangayUniversity of the Philippines12739
30Domingo MadulidDe La Salle University12531
31Divina M AmalinDe La Salle University12467
32M J H Lebata RamosSEAFDEC Aquaculture Department12432
33Percival AlmoroUniversity of the Philippines12422
34Mahar LagmayUniversity of the Philippines12396
35Rex Victor CruzUniversity of the Philippines111558
36Drexel CamachoDe La Salle University11676
37Phillip AlviolaUniversity of the Philippines11611
38Marites TiongcoDe La Salle University11538
39Cesar VillanoyUniversity of the Philippines11412
40Myrna AustriaDe La Salle University11369
41Cristina J MontielAteneo de Manila University11341
42Stella GoDe la Salle University11265
43Arlene InocencioDe La Salle University10516
44Gladys C CompletoDe La Salle University10478
45Allan SiosonAteneo de Naga University10416
46Grace B VillamorUniversity of Bonn; ICRAF Philippines10322
47Renato Cruz de CastroDe La Salle University10304
48Carlos BautistaUniversity of the Philippines10251
49Nelson B Arboleda JrDe La Salle University10245
50Alan P DargantesCentral Mindanao University10243
51Tolentino MoyaUniversity of the Philippines9641
52Charlotte ChiongNational Institutes of Health; University of the Philippines9472
53Antonio P ContrerasDe La Salle University9420
54Lemnuel AragonesUniversity of the Philippines9348
55Aileen S P BavieraUniversity of the Philippines9342
56Erniel BarriosUniversity of the Philippines9305
57Francisco S Chung JrUniversity of the Philippines9299
58Guillermo NuescaUniversity of the Philippines9296
59John Donnie RamosUniversity of Santo Tomas9262
60Melanie DavidDe La Salle University9251
61Wyona PatalinghugDe la Salle University9238
62Elmer P DadiosDe La Salle University9226
63Romeo DizonUniversity of the Philippines9223
64Romeo B LeeDe la Salle University9197
65Mae Flor PosadasCentral Philippines State University9188
66Alvin MarceloUniversity of the Philippines9177
67Raquel FranciscoUniversity of the Philippines81737
68María Regina HechanovaAteneo de Manila University8817
69Luis RazonDe La Salle University8683
70Prospero C Naval JrUniversity of the Philippines8574
71Joseph AureseniaDe La Salle University8532
72Liane Peña AlampayAteneo de Manila University8407
73May T LimUniversity of the Philippines8403
74Christian Joseph R CumagunUniversity of the Philippines8346
75Hazel ArceoUniversity of the Philippines8233
76María Rowena R Romana EguiaSEAFDEC Aquaculture Department8224
77Armand Salvador MijaresUniversity of the Philippines8219
78Francisco A MagnoDe La Salle University8209
79Jake LaguadorLyceum of the Philippines University8205
80Marlon N ManaloUniversity of the Philippines8138
81Drandreb Earl O JuanicoTechnological Institute of the Philippines8108
82Dennis S ErasgaDe La Salle University7433
83Michael Angelo B PromentillaDe La Salle University7377
84Jonas QuilangUniversity of the Philippines7264
85Gerardo JanairoDe La Salle University7246
86Sylvia ConcepcionUniversity of the Philippines7244
87Emmanuel EstrellaUniversity of the Philippines7229
88Cynthia P CorderoUniversity of the Philippines7199
88Larry N DigalUniversity of the Philippines7199
90Nathaniel HermosaUniversity of the Philippines7186
91Tereso S Tullao JrDe la Salle University7172
92John Ryan DizonBataan Peninsula State University7168
93Alexander G FlorUniversity of the Philippines Open University7162
94Arlene A PascasioDe La Salle University7151
95Henry N AdornaUniversity of the Philippines7137
96Roberto CorcinoCebu Normal University7130
97Reniel CabralUCSB; University of the Philippines7124
98Eduardo C Cuansing JrAteneo de Manila University7118
99Juma Novie AlviolaUniversity of the Philippines7104
100Maria Victoria EspaldonUniversity of the Philippines6830
101Eric PunzalanDe La Salle University6340
102Erwin A AlampayUniversity of the Philippines6280
103Reagan Joseph VillanuevaSouthern Philippines Medical Center6222
104Zeba F AlamDe la Salle University6212
105Juan Carlos GonzalezUniversity of the Philippines6195
106Barbara L CaoiliUniversity of the Philippines6192
107Rosemary SevaDe la Salle University6185
108Clarissa DavidUniversity of the Philippines6180
109Christopher T QueDe La Salle University6164
110Guido DavidUniversity of the Philippines6147
111Leonor RuivivarDe La Salle University6141
112Augusto E Serrano JrUniversity of the Philippines6138
113Rizalinda de LeonUniversity of the Philippines6118
114Fidel NemenzoUniversity of the Philippines6113
115Rizal BuendiaDe la Salle University6110
116Esperanza Maribel AgooDe La Salle University6101
117Leonila AbellaDe La Salle University693
118Arnel BeltranDe La Salle University685
118Louis Angelo DanaoUniversity of the Philippines685
120Rey Donne S PapaUniversity of Santo Tomas668
121Ricardo BabaranUniversity of the Philippines665
122Edgar C AmarSEAFDEC Aquaculture Department5326
123Angelo UniteDe La Salle University5291
124Jonathan A AnticamaraUniversity of the Philippines5224
125Giovanni A TapangUniversity of the Philippines5189
127Ruperto MajucaDe la Salle University5154
128Michael P DelmoDe La Salle University5138
129Jay Arre ToqueKyoto University; University of the Philippines5136
130Marilen Parungao BalolongUniversity of the Philippines5135
131Oscar B ZamoraUniversity of the Philippines5127
132Marilen BalolongUniversity of the Philippines5126
133Julio TeehankeeDe La Salle University5120
134Ria Ann Lomeda DizonBataan Peninsula State University5108
134Wilfredo ChungDe la Salle University5108
136Richard HartmannDe La Salle University5104
137Cristina SalibayDe La Salle University597
137Merlin Teodosia SuarezDe La Salle University597
139Inocencio E Buot JrUniversity of the Philippines587
140Jovino Lopez de DiosPhilippine Rice Research Institute584
140Isagani R CruzThe Manila Times College584
142Girley S GumanaoDavao del Norte State College582
143Annabelle NoveroUniversity of the Philippines580
144Esperanza CabreraDe La Salle University579
145Pedro A Alviola IVUniversity of the Philippines; University of Arkansas575
146Allan Gil FernandoUniversity of the Philippines574
147Jose Santos Carandang VIDe La Salle University573
148Divina EdralinDe La Salle University572
149Cristina B CorcinoCebu Normal University571
149Olga M NunezaMindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology571
149Francis N C ParaanUniversity of the Philippines571