#SONA2019 Reaction: Water Crisis

#SONA2019 Reaction_ Water Crisis

The possible establishment of Department of Water Resources and a Water Regulatory Commission is suggested by President Duterte. This is to come up with plans and regulations to address the persisting issue of the water crisis. This is particularly true in Metro Manila since the city is known for having water issues during the summer season. Because of this shortage of water supply is prevented and better service is given to the public. Just months ago, I can still recall the rotating water interruption in the entire metropolitan. The scenes of fire truck trying to supply water from one barangay to another are all over town.

As we all know, water supply is scarce every summer season as brought about by the decrease in water level on dams. The low level of water is happening because of the lack of rain to supply its content. Because of this phenomena, people are forced to take a bath every other day or even every three days. At the same time, diseases and other unfavorable consequences are also pouring. It is high time to solve this type of case since it brings a lot of adverse effects in the lives of many people.

Water is a basic necessity and it is therefore expected that it is something given abundantly. The lack of it could lead to a lot of chaos. We can see that people are fighting over a source of water which at times lead to killings. For some, they may see it as a minimal problem. But looking at the issue from a wider perspective, it affects a lot of areas and industries. It slows down the daily activities of people and it also inhibits the proper flow of activities. Thus, it is something that must be resolved as soon as possible.

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