#SONA2019 Reaction: Public Roads

#SONA2019 Reaction_ Public Roads

Decongesting the roads in Metro Manila is one of the best steps that the administration together with the respective government agencies such as Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Local Government Units (LGU) are working their efforts to retrieve areas that supposed to be public but were used as private. The inconveniences that these roads have brought to a lot of people and ending it is already a must. The traffic that it causes takes time and effort for a lot of people and it slows down the progress and economy in general.

Just, for instance, the reclaiming of the public roads in Divisoria from being usually used as a public market and turning it now into an actual passable road is a concrete example of it. Before, people would have to spend hours just to pass by that road since it is teeming with bargains and stalls. Now, the changes are evident. This is the type of changes that we have been waiting or a long time. Now, if the government could assure us that we are all leading into what we have been dreaming of, I cannot just help but to feel excited about what the future brings.

This is an alignment with the “Build Build Build Progam” of the government which aims to provide tons of opportunities for people to experience a better society through enough and high-quality infrastructures. If it means reclaiming roads and creating new ones, then the government is willing to do it. The provision of new expressways, establishment of new train systems, and the implementation of the new public transportation are just a few of the efforts being done by the government. In the coming years, transportation will be faster and better as compared to the one that we have in the present days.

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