SONA 2018 Reaction Paper


In here is an example of SONA 2018 reaction paper, made available for students who are required to make reaction paper and analysis of President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address. (READ: SONA 2019 Reaction Paper)

The third State of the Nation Address (#SONA2018) was delivered on Monday, July 23, 2018, at the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City. In it, President Rodrigo Duterte presented his achievements and outlined his priorities for this fiscal year.


The President’s State of the Nation Address was rendered in broad strokes reviewing just part of his past achievements, stating the present situation and announcing future prospects.

The speech was written in English and it took about 48 minutes to deliver it by the President.

The special live coverage of the 2018 State of the Nation Address included a live streaming of the President’s full address, courtesy of government television station PTV and Presidential Broadcast Staff – Radio Television Malacañang (PBS-RTVM) via its Youtube channel (RTVMalacanang).

SONA 2018 Reaction Paper Sample

Duterte’s Third SONA: Full of Surprises

Historically, the third Monday of July is set up for the President of the Philippines to deliver a speech of his accomplishments and his plans for the next few months of his tenure. It has also become a carnival of sorts in the last few years for fashion mavens in the Senate and the House of Representatives to showcase their gowns and barongs to the full view of the masses. The hitherto political spectacle has sometimes become a circus of sorts.

That is not to mention yet, the annual mass demonstrations of anti-government organization bent on shouting their mantras and showing off their artistic skills as they brandish their effigies reflecting the different issues affecting the Philippines. The past few years, it has become a demonstration of people who have several points of contention against the Duterte administration – from women’s groups, to urban poor groups, to youth organizations – everyone seems to have a point against the regime. What started out as a promising tenure, with invitations to pro-poor leaders and anti-government personalities has since become an interesting tableau of ideas and perspectives that still has four more years in play.

Below are links to reactions to 3rd State of the Nation Address highlighting specific topics. Hope this helps.