DepEd on August 24 class opening: it will open ‘whatever form it is’


MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Education said that it will open classes on August 24. They stated that classes will open in ‘whatever form it is’.

It said that they may allow limited face-to-face classes in areas with low transmission rates.

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“We wouldn’t change our stand, Mr. President that our last day is on August 24 because the law mandates that school starts on the last day of August. The last day of August is a weekend,” Briones said in Filipino.

“So August 24 magbubukas na ng klase whatever form it is,” Briones added.

[Translation: The classes will start on August 24 whatever form it is.]

Schools will start classes next month in alternative forms to make up for the in-person lectures. Other forms of teaching involve online, radio, television, and printed modules.

“Kanya-kanyang diskarte, kanya-kanyang adjust depende kung anong available na paraan. Pero ang bottom line, patuloy ang pag-aaral ng mga bata, at malaki ang papel ng pag-recover ng economy sa patuloy na pag-aaral ng mga bata. Iyon ang aming tingin,” Briones explained.

[Translation: They just have to strategize accordingly. The bottomlime is the education of the students should continue. The economy’s recovery plays a big role in the continuing of their education.]

‘Whatever form it is’ includes physical forms

The education department is currently looking into starting face-to-face classes.

The aforementioned is a possibility in areas with low transmission rates.

Secretary Briones brought up that people have requested for physical classes.

However, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III stated that this will happen only when areas can meet the health standards.

He said that schools under modified general community quarantine can conduct in-person classes.

Duque said that these areas should not record new cases for at least 28 days. This was the metric he set citing the reported doubling time.

He also mentioned that they must maintain a low usage of the health system capacity. At most going as low as 30%.

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