Ateneo grants students P20,000 refund due to COVID-19 suspensions


Ateneo de Manila University announced today, April 7, 2020, that they are issuing Php20,000 worth of tuition refund for every student.

The school will also refund 60% of the laboratory fees for the current semester.

The Guidon, ADMU’s official student publication, published earlier the full memorandum detailing this decision.

It reads:

“Students have been asking the question: Will there be refund given the lockdown? The immediate answer is, yes! Students will get a refund of Php 20,000 from tuition and other fees and a 60% refund from lab fees.”

Aside from the refund, Ateneo also announced that Second Semester SY 2019-2020 is shortened and is now scheduled to end on May 8, 2020.

“In the interest of everyone’s well-being in our community, the Loyola Schools has thought it best to end the semester earlier than scheduled,” the memo states.


Online Learning

Teachers are instructed to facilitate online learning until end of the semester, regardless if the ECQ is lifted on April 15 or not.

In terms of grading, graduating and non-graduating students will no longer receive letter grades, but ‘P’ (Pass) marks.

This is given that they are able to comply with their course requirements.

In addition to that, graduating students may request for letter grades if they desire to.

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The said memo was addressed to The Loyola Schools Community from their Vice President, Maria Luz . Vilches.

Viches concluded with an encouragement to “live everyday fully.”

“In this time of uncertainty, when we have been stripped of our control over things. We are challenged to redesign plans, change schedules, amend strategies, and modify lifestyles.

We live from day to day but we strive to live everyday fully.

This Holy Week, we reflect on Christ who was also stripped of control over everything around him but whose “Thy will be done!” pleased the Father. We follow Him in His journey, not only from His Agony, to the Cross, to His Death, but most importantly, to His Resurrection – His triumph over darkness and evil and sin. May we learn from His example and take up our challenges with dignity, courage, and hope.”