Top 50 Philippine SUCs that spend the most per student

Top 50 Most Expensive State Universities and Colleges

Education is not cheap to several Philippine state universities and colleges that cater preschool to doctoral degree studies. There are teacher and professor salaries and benefits, administrative salaries, books and supplies, classroom support, and building construction and maintenance.

The 114 SUCs last academic year spent on average P30,529 per student to educate 1,508,915 students. Nationwide, per-student costs ranged from a high of P177,849 in one school to P8,698 for a school with 11,294 students.

University of the Philippines Diliman per student spending last Academic Year 2016-2017 was as high as P177,849.

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Philippine Merchant Marine Academy in Zambales with only 929 students (951 weighted enrolment) spent 173,906 pesos. Weighted enrollment was more than the total headcount of 929 students because the school has MA students and no students from preschool to senior high school to vocational schools.

Came in second and third places were both from Mindanao, Mindanao State University-Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography and Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, respectively. MSU-TCTO with 10,317 enrollees (6,778 weighted enrolment) spent 83,354 per student. Weighted enrolment for the said university was too far from the headcount of 10,317 in Academic Year 2016-2017 because it has a large volume of students from preschool to senior high school to vocational schools.

Batanes State College landed fourth with 507 students (weight enrolment 463) and spent 74,762 pesos per student last academic year.

Of the 50 most expensive state universities and colleges (SUCs), only 3 schools are located in the National Capital Region. Western Visayas, Bicol, and Central Luzon regions have the most SUCs that spend high per student last academic year.

Here are the 50 most expensive state universities and colleges, according to Estimated Cost Per Student of State Universities and Colleges: AY 2016/17 by CHED.

RankRegionSUC NameTotal Enrolment HeadcountWeighted Enrolment2017 PS + MOOE ('000)Per Student Cost
1NCRUniversity of the Philippines59,96067,72412,044,670 177,849
2Region IIIPhilippine Merchant Marine Academy929951165,385 173,906
3ARMMMindanao State University-Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography10,3176,778564,973 83,354
4Region XMindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology12,90012,5391,000,544 79,795
5Region IIBatanes State College50746334,615 74,762
6ARMMMindanao State University47,46742,1983,092,933 73,296
7NCRPhilippine Normal University8,5649,521696,891 73,195
8Region IIICentral Luzon State University12,37411,993730,078 60,875
9Region IMariano Marcos State University11,73911,525663,732 57,591
10Region VIWest Visayas State University18,74319,8111,060,260 53,519
11Region IDon Mariano Marcos Memorial State University17,09317,138862,396 50,321
12CARBenguet State University10,09710,478515,709 49,218
13Region XCentral Mindanao University9,2349,616471,318 49,014
14Region IIITarlac Agricultural University4,8654,622222,869 48,219
15Region XIDavao del Norte State College1,6871,78084,491 47,467
16Region VIIloilo State College of Fisheries5,1305,313240,087 45,189
17Region VIIIVisayas State University13,29113,114583,468 44,492
18CARApayao State College2,3712,332101,388 43,477
19Region VIAklan State University8,2508,266348,230 42,128
20Region XMisamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology1,9001,81574,727 41,172
21Region VIISiquijor State College2,5032,28092,677 40,648
22Region IXZamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology3,9944,013155,043 38,635
23Region IINueva Vizcaya State University9,1879,584367,920 38,389
24Region VCatanduanes State University8,2538,182300,008 36,667
25CARMountain Province State Polytechnic College4,3484,456162,370 36,439
26Region VICapiz State University14,50214,454518,538 35,875
27Region IIIAurora State College of Technology2,2622,32782,735 35,554
28Region VBicol University22,65523,527833,306 35,419
29CARAbra State Institute of Science and Technology4,9864,442155,255 34,952
30Region VINorthern Iloilo Polytechnic State College9,4539,494330,014 34,760
31Region VCentral Bicol State University of Agriculture10,70110,703364,547 34,060
32Region IIIPampanga State Agricultural University5,5345,857198,792 33,941
33Region VCamarines Norte State College6,4806,389213,858 33,473
34Region XIIUniversity of Southern Mindanao15,39315,210501,500 32,972
35NCRTechnological University of the Philippines19,35420,024648,064 32,364
36CARIfugao State University6,6537,342227,933 31,045
37Region IUniversity of Northern Philippines13,33713,508418,014 30,946
38Region IIlocos Sur Polytechnic State College6,7616,388192,045 30,063
39Region VPartido State University7,6547,702225,257 29,247
40Region XCamiguin Polytechnic State College2,4362,45570,859 28,863
41Region VIIloilo Science and Technology University13,54313,561382,071 28,174
42Region VSorsogon State College8,4078,357230,715 27,607
43Region IV-BWestern Philippines University8,0268,081222,624 27,549
44CARKalinga State University5,7815,716155,024 27,121
45Region VIIIPalompon Institute of Technology4,8384,782129,507 27,082
46Region VIIILeyte Normal University6,7547,073189,289 26,762
47Region IIIBulacan Agricultural State College3,5783,73698,795 26,444
48Region VIIIUniversity of Eastern Philippines14,21214,475380,249 26,269
49Region IIIsabela State University29,55230,267789,088 26,071
50CARAGACaraga State University7,0877,032182,320 25,927

Below is the complete list of state universities and colleges and their per student costs for Academic Year 2016-2017.

RankRegionSUC NameTotal Enrolment HeadcountWeighted Enrolment2017 PS + MOOE ('000)Per Student Cost
1NCRUniversity of the Philippines59,96067,72412,044,670177,849
2Region IIIPhilippine Merchant Marine Academy929951165,385173,906
3ARMMMindanao State University-Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography10,3176,778564,97383,354
4Region XMindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology12,90012,5391,000,54479,795
5Region IIBatanes State College50746334,61574,762
6ARMMMindanao State University47,46742,1983,092,93373,296
7NCRPhilippine Normal University8,5649,521696,89173,195
8Region IIICentral Luzon State University12,37411,993730,07860,875
9Region IMariano Marcos State University11,73911,525663,73257,591
10Region VIWest Visayas State University18,74319,8111,060,26053,519
11Region IDon Mariano Marcos Memorial State University17,09317,138862,39650,321
12CARBenguet State University10,09710,478515,70949,218
13Region XCentral Mindanao University9,2349,616471,31849,014
14Region IIITarlac Agricultural University4,8654,622222,86948,219
15Region XIDavao del Norte State College1,6871,78084,49147,467
16Region VIIloilo State College of Fisheries5,1305,313240,08745,189
17Region VIIIVisayas State University13,29113,114583,46844,492
18CARApayao State College2,3712,332101,38843,477
19Region VIAklan State University8,2508,266348,23042,128
20Region XMisamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology1,9001,81574,72741,172
21Region VIISiquijor State College2,5032,28092,67740,648
22Region IXZamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology3,9944,013155,04338,635
23Region IINueva Vizcaya State University9,1879,584367,92038,389
24Region VCatanduanes State University8,2538,182300,00836,667
25CARMountain Province State Polytechnic College4,3484,456162,37036,439
26Region VICapiz State University14,50214,454518,53835,875
27Region IIIAurora State College of Technology2,2622,32782,73535,554
28Region VBicol University22,65523,527833,30635,419
29CARAbra State Institute of Science and Technology4,9864,442155,25534,952
30Region VINorthern Iloilo Polytechnic State College9,4539,494330,01434,760
31Region VCentral Bicol State University of Agriculture10,70110,703364,54734,060
32Region IIIPampanga State Agricultural University5,5345,857198,79233,941
33Region VCamarines Norte State College6,4806,389213,85833,473
34Region XIIUniversity of Southern Mindanao15,39315,210501,50032,972
35NCRTechnological University of the Philippines19,35420,024648,06432,364
36CARIfugao State University6,6537,342227,93331,045
37Region IUniversity of Northern Philippines13,33713,508418,01430,946
38Region IIlocos Sur Polytechnic State College6,7616,388192,04530,063
39Region VPartido State University7,6547,702225,25729,247
40Region XCamiguin Polytechnic State College2,4362,45570,85928,863
41Region VIIloilo Science and Technology University13,54313,561382,07128,174
42Region VSorsogon State College8,4078,357230,71527,607
43Region IV-BWestern Philippines University8,0268,081222,62427,549
44CARKalinga State University5,7815,716155,02427,121
45Region VIIIPalompon Institute of Technology4,8384,782129,50727,082
46Region VIIILeyte Normal University6,7547,073189,28926,762
47Region IIIBulacan Agricultural State College3,5783,73698,79526,444
48Region VIIIUniversity of Eastern Philippines14,21214,475380,24926,269
49Region IIIsabela State University29,55230,267789,08826,071
50CARAGACaraga State University7,0877,032182,32025,927
51Region VIICebu Normal University9,83210,524266,22125,297
52Region VIIISamar State University7,4517,727195,39425,287
53Region XMindanao University of Science and Technology9,82710,152256,56525,272
54Region XIUniversity of Southeastern Philippines16,03017,485435,68524,918
55Region IXJose Rizal Memorial State University14,94014,300353,07724,691
56Region XNorthwestern Mindanao State College of Science and Technology1,6581,52337,35124,525
57Region VIIIEastern Samar State University13,99114,129345,63624,463
58Region XICompostela Valley State College2,9712,97170,99323,895
59Region IV-BRomblon State University9,6569,483226,53123,888
60Region VCamarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges5,1535,001117,15423,426
61Region VIIISouthern Leyte State University10,36310,327241,48223,384
62CARAGASurigao del Sur State University10,37110,821252,13723,301
63Region IIQuirino State University4,9494,719109,74023,255
64Region IXZamboanga City State Polytechnic College6,3456,405144,39422,544
65Region IV-BOccidental Mindoro State College10,6189,792219,03722,369
66CARAGAAgusan del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology3,9984,00389,05922,248
67Region XISouthern Philippines Agri-Business, Marine and Aquatic School of
68Region VIIINaval State University7,2607,457163,80421,966
69Region IV-BMarinduque State College6,1226,094132,22621,698
70Region VBicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology5,1215,060109,73221,686
71ARMMSulu State College5,1965,248113,44921,618
72Region XIICotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology6,3396,266134,48421,462
73Region IV-AUniversity of Rizal System22,18222,025462,24220,987
74CARAGASurigao State College of Technology11,37611,347237,88920,965
75Region IIIRamon Magsaysay Technological University9,3389,421195,52720,754
76Region VDr. Emilio B. Espinosa, Sr. Memorial State College of Agriculture and Technology4,6594,84298,99020,444
77Region IV-ASouthern Luzon State University16,23415,752320,82320,367
78Region IIIBataan Peninsula State University14,93015,405313,24520,334
79Region VIIIEastern Visayas State University18,78119,110387,67420,286
80Region IPangasinan State University23,49723,390457,25119,549
81NIRCarlos C. Hilado Memorial State College12,59712,852246,39019,171
82ARMMTawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College4,3214,11976,76718,637
83Region VIIBohol Island State University16,44216,541300,00518,137
84Region IV-BMindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology9,4619,391166,89317,772
85NCRPolytechnic University of the Philippines71,96370,8801,258,70917,758
86Region VIUniversity of Antique11,37611,439202,34117,689
87Region IIITarlac State University17,01117,407306,47017,606
88Region VIGuimaras State College2,9803,47361,13117,602
89Region IXBasilan State College5,6285,29591,53117,286
90Region INorth Luzon Philippines State College2,5482,54843,60117,112
91Region IICagayan State University37,66538,364617,31316,091
92NCRRizal Technological University26,44725,885414,65016,019
93Region VIIINorthwest Samar State University8,9159,173146,78016,001
94Region IXWestern Mindanao State University32,58032,837522,92115,925
95Region VIICebu Technological University38,25341,315641,43115,525
96Region IV-BPalawan State University21,83921,600320,59914,843
97Region XIICotabato City State Polytechnic College9,4579,407136,18314,477
98Region XIISultan Kudarat State University12,64913,554194,36814,340
99Region IV-ALaguna State Polytechnic University25,30126,488363,91713,739
100NIRNegros Oriental State University26,54827,189350,07812,876
101Region XIDavao Oriental State College of Science and Technology11,59311,683148,50212,711
102NCRMarikina Polytechnic College8,2888,143102,77112,621
103Region IV-ABatangas State University40,08638,657477,29812,347
104NIRNorthern Negros State College of Science and Technology5,4845,97973,74912,335
105Region XBukidnon State University17,47818,194214,19711,773
106Region IV-ACavite State University38,43638,416440,33211,462
107Region IIINueva Ecija University of Science and Technology35,00134,859397,14511,393
108Region IIIDon Honorio Ventura Technological State University18,86619,282212,05710,998
109NCRPhilippine State College of Aeronautics10,67710,702108,64310,152
110ARMMAdiong Memorial Polytechnic State College3,8263,58235,1849,822
111NCREulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology22,01122,437220,0839,809
112Region IIIBulacan State University49,36549,978480,6489,617
113Region IXJosefina H. Cerilles State College14,21214,139125,6628,888
114NIRCentral Philippine State University11,29412,022104,5638,698


Weighted Enrolment = Headcount Enrolment X Weight
PS + MOOE = Personal Services + Maintenance & Other Operating Expenses
Per Student Cost = (PS+MOOE) / Weighted Enrolment

Enrolment Level | Weight
Pre-Sch+Elem+HS – 0.50
Voc-Tech – 0.75
Pre-Bacc+Bacc – 1.00
Post-bacc+Master – 1.50
Doctoral – 2.00