2019 Top 50 State Colleges and Universities in PH based on government spending cost per student

2019 Top 50 State Colleges and Universities in PH based on government spending cost per student

So far last year, hundreds of thousands of students have benefitted from the government’s free tuition program in the state colleges and universities. With the implementation of this program, has the government spending cost per student skyrocketed?

According to figures from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the Philippine government spent P31,904 per student for the Academic Year 2016-2017 on the average and P36,606 per student for the Academic year 2017-2018. This figure, referred to as spending cost per student, has increased by almost P2,000 per student last academic year or around P3 billion additional spending even though the enrolment has significantly decreased from Academic Year 2016-2017’s 1,508,915 students to Academic Year 2018-2019’s 1,430,652 students due to the effect of the implementation of K to 12 basic education program. It also varied dramatically by regions in AY 2018-2019. National Capital Region (NCR) spent over P80,000 per student while CALABARZON only spent P15,515 per student.Invalid Domain Name

The 114 SUCs last academic year spent on average P38,588 per student to educate 1,430,652 students. Nationwide, per-student costs ranged from as high as P238,937 in one school to P7,888 for a school with 4,850 students.

Philippine Merchant Marine Academy per student spending last Academic Year 2018-2019 was as high as P238,937 for 775 students, up by 76.3% of the Academic Year 2017-2018’s per student spending of P182,306 for 951 students.

The University of the Philippines Diliman with 58,355 students (66,343 weighted enrolment) spent 227,518 pesos per student. Weighted enrollment was more than the total headcount of 58,355 students because the UP Diliman has a large number of masters and doctorate students and fewer students from preschool to senior high school to vocational schools.

Came in third and fourth places were both from Mindanao; Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology and Mindanao State University-Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography, respectively. MSU-IIT with 9,400 students (9,557 weighted enrolment) spent P103,584 per student. MSU-TCTO with 9,736 students (5,902 weighted enrolment) spent 89,370 per student. Weighted enrolment for the said university was too far from the headcount of 9,736 in Academic Year 2018-2019 because it has a large volume of students from preschool to senior high school to vocational schools.

Mariano Marcos State University landed fifth with 8,836 students (weight enrolment 8,459) and spent 84,471 pesos per student last academic year.

Of the 50 state universities and colleges (SUCs) that spend the most per student, only 3 schools are located in the National Capital Region. Western Visayas, Bicol, and Central Luzon regions have the most SUCs that spend high per student last academic year.

Here are the 50 most expensive state universities and colleges, according to Estimated Cost Per Student of State Universities and Colleges: AY 2019/19 by CHED.

RankRegionSUCTotal Enrolment Headcount (AY 2018-19)Weighted Enrolment (AY 2018-19)2019 PS + MOOE ('000)Per Student Cost (PhP)
1Central LuzonPhilippine Merchant Marine Academy775775185,176238,937
2NCRUniversity of the Philippines58,35566,34315,094,194227,518
3Northern MindanaoMindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology9,4009,557989,955103,584
4BARMMMindanao State University-Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography9,7365,902527,46189,370
5Ilocos RegionMariano Marcos State University8,8368,459714,53984,471
6BARMMMindanao State University40,55636,7793,003,82981,672
7NCRPhilippine Normal University8,6389,313694,16174,537
8Western VisayasWest Visayas State University14,99215,9861,138,40871,213
9Central LuzonCentral Luzon State University10,33410,468727,02269,452
10CARBenguet State University8,8549,099580,28263,774
11Northern MindanaoUniversity of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-1,6181,56496,09361,441
12Northern MindanaoCentral Mindanao University7,9308,395504,25360,066
13Eastern VisayasVisayas State University11,91611,622697,86560,047
14CARMountain Province State Polytechnic College3,7073,834218,98757,117
15Ilocos RegionUniversity of Northern Philippines7,3927,840444,86656,743
16Ilocos RegionDon Mariano Marcos Memorial State University15,65115,539833,26053,624
17Western VisayasAklan State University6,5666,867358,47552,203
18Central LuzonTarlac Agricultural University4,8474,591234,41751,060
19Bicol RegionBicol University16,57217,751892,53650,281
20Bicol RegionPartido State University5,7525,876293,58849,964
21Western VisayasIloilo State College of Fisheries4,6825,174254,27249,144
22Bicol RegionCamarines Norte State College5,2975,386256,01647,534
23Central LuzonPampanga State Agricultural University4,9565,015238,07447,472
24CARIfugao State University5,4926,032274,95545,583
25Bicol RegionCatanduanes State University7,3887,302331,01345,332
26Cagayan ValleyBatanes State College81178935,67545,215
27Western VisayasCapiz State University14,08313,822613,45444,382
28Cagayan ValleyNueva Vizcaya State University9,1439,785422,29943,158
29CARApayao State College2,5862,626108,27341,231
30Western VisayasIloilo Science and Technology University12,28412,124489,78840,398
31Cagayan ValleyIsabela State University22,03822,999924,18340,184
32Bicol RegionCentral Bicol State University of Agriculture10,89510,643426,39040,063
33SOCCSKSARGENCotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology4,3804,151166,24540,049
34CARKalinga State University5,9375,711221,10438,715
35Central LuzonAurora State College of Technology2,5492,655102,77338,709
36Cagayan ValleyQuirino State University4,3814,310161,63437,502
37Central LuzonBulacan Agricultural State College3,5023,638135,94737,369
38Western VisayasNorthern Iloilo Polytechnic State College8,6598,598314,62036,592
39SOCCSKSARGENUniversity of Southern Mindanao13,89414,149506,77235,817
40CARAbra State Institute of Science and Technology6,5984,815167,55434,798
41NCRTechnological University of the Philippines19,63320,250698,89634,513
42Bicol RegionCamarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges5,1225,204179,44634,482
43Ilocos RegionIlocos Sur Polytechnic State College5,5955,454185,77134,061
44Northern MindanaoCamiguin Polytechnic State College2,1612,21775,35533,990
45Davao RegionUniversity of Southeastern Philippines11,27113,040442,69833,949
46Eastern VisayasSamar State University6,5186,781229,28233,812
47Bicol RegionSorsogon State College8,0988,133272,54433,511
48CARAGAAgusan Del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology4,2254,264142,70333,467
49Central VisayasCebu Normal University7,4648,373280,17733,462
50BARMMTawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College3,3903,188105,78133,181
51Eastern VisayasPalompon Institute of Technology5,3835,137167,12932,534
52Eastern VisayasUniversity of Eastern Philippines14,11613,981445,91631,894
53CalabarzonSouthern Luzon State University9,7879,307296,77831,888
54Central VisayasSiquijor State College2,5112,00663,24331,527
55Zamboanga PeninsulaZamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology4,5304,593143,77531,303
56Eastern VisayasLeyte Normal University6,4096,617194,60629,410
57Ilocos RegionNorth Luzon Philippines State College2,3712,37168,96929,089
58Cagayan ValleyCagayan State University22,04922,596655,89729,027
59CARAGACaraga State University7,1017,379214,15829,023
60Eastern VisayasSouthern Leyte State University10,1599,789281,20228,726
61Bicol RegionBicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology3,9814,048114,55428,299
62Central LuzonPresident Ramon Magsaysay State University9,9579,873277,48928,106
63MIMAROPAWestern Philippines University7,9238,047221,84727,569
64MIMAROPAMindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology6,6036,589178,57127,101
65CalabarzonUniversity of Rizal System17,16417,524472,04126,937
66Western VisayasCarlos Hilado Memorial State College10,22910,585281,00626,548
67MIMAROPAMarinduque State College6,3866,138162,63726,497
68Central LuzonBataan Peninsula State University12,10912,711333,87826,267
69CARAGASurigao Del Sur State University10,55811,141282,11425,322
70Ilocos RegionPangasinan State University22,33522,143559,55625,270
71Eastern VisayasEastern Samar State University14,36014,176357,73125,235
72Zamboanga PeninsulaZamboanga City State Polytechnic College6,4946,851168,22624,555
73SOCCSKSARGENSultan Kudarat State University11,20612,517299,29223,911
74Davao RegionDavao del Norte State College3,1653,41681,58723,884
75Bicol RegionDr. Emilio B. Espinosa, Sr. Memorial State College of Agriculture4,6194,817114,04123,675
76Northern MindanaoUniversity of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines12,89712,451292,96923,530
77MIMAROPARomblon State University9,9209,803225,70423,024
78Central LuzonTarlac State University16,59316,593381,82423,011
79NCRPolytechnic University of the Philippines66,21864,7291,489,02323,004
80CARAGASurigao State College of Technology11,80411,789261,80722,208
81Zamboanga PeninsulaJose Rizal Memorial State University15,87315,032323,05421,491
82MIMAROPAOccidental Mindoro State College11,72910,202219,21221,487
83Eastern VisayasNaval State University7,8367,811166,63421,333
84Eastern VisayasNorthwest Samar State University7,1827,464155,17220,789
85Zamboanga PeninsulaBasilan State College4,7174,60595,60320,761
86Northern MindanaoBukidnon State University15,71916,123331,56020,564
87Western VisayasUniversity of Antique12,38512,407243,31019,611
88Davao RegionSouthern Philippines Agriculture, Business, Marine and Aquatic Sch4,6955,18197,97518,910
89Eastern VisayasEastern Visayas State University19,96220,624380,22618,436
90Central VisayasBohol Island State University17,00717,395311,31717,897
91Central VisayasCebu Technological University40,73743,558768,82817,651
92NCRMarikina Polytechnic College7,2477,178125,30317,457
93Central VisayasNegros Oriental State University26,41126,930447,10116,602
94Zamboanga PeninsulaWestern Mindanao State University36,33336,279602,14116,598
95Central LuzonBulacan State University35,13736,012590,59116,400
96NCRRizal Technological University25,58524,684402,05116,288
97BARMMSulu State College6,7256,777110,26316,270
98Northern MindanaoNorthwestern Mindanao State College of Science and Technology3,2542,91946,92216,075
99NCRPhilippine State College of Aeronautics10,85310,895174,64016,029
100SOCCSKSARGENCotabato City State Polytechnic College8,2208,330129,09715,498
101Davao RegionDavao Oriental State College of Science and Technology9,1629,248135,49414,651
102Central LuzonNueva Ecija University of Science and Technology27,36527,344396,00614,482
103CalabarzonLaguna State Polytechnic University25,18425,982375,42714,450
104Western VisayasNorthern Negros State College of Science and Technology7,3107,638109,39914,323
105BARMMAdiong Memorial Polytechnic State College3,8263,58249,67113,867
106MIMAROPAPalawan State University28,56327,007371,20713,745
107Western VisayasGuimaras State College4,7706,17683,48113,517
108Central LuzonDon Honorio Ventura Technological State University20,56221,568284,37713,185
109CalabarzonCavite State University41,22541,725498,76411,954
110Western VisayasCentral Philippines State University11,62713,580156,36111,514
111CalabarzonBatangas State University44,48443,493498,54611,463
112NCREulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology22,01122,437223,3269,953
113Zamboanga PeninsulaJosefina H. Cerilles State College22,98522,711184,2738,114
114Davao RegionCompostela Valley State College4,8504,85038,2577,888


Weighted Enrolment = Headcount Enrolment X Weight
PS + MOOE = Personal Services + Maintenance & Other Operating Expenses
Per Student Cost = (PS+MOOE) / Weighted Enrolment

Enrolment Level | Weight
Pre-Sch+Elem+HS – 0.50
Voc-Tech – 0.75
Pre-Bacc+Bacc – 1.00
Post-bacc+Master – 1.50
Doctoral – 2.00