March 18, 2018 Civil Service Exam (CSE-PPT) School Assignment (ONSA)


The Online Notification of School Assignment (ONSA) for those who are qualified to take the exam on Career Service Examination, Paper-and-Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) on March 18, 2018 is available online.

Qualified takers for CSE-PPT on March 18, 2018 may able to check their respective school and room assignment using Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) link.

Based on the advisory from the Civil Service Commission (CSC), examinees shall be informed of their places of examination (school assignment) through the Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) two (2) weeks before the date of the examination.

If you experience an error when checking your school assignment, check if your encoded details follow the correct format. For example: On the middle initial field, type your MIDDLE INITIAL only, not your full middle name.

If you continue to experience an error, try the alternative links/modes provided by the CSC Regional Offices (see below).

How to use the March 18, 2018 Civil Service Exam Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA)?

March 18, 2018 Civil Service Exam (CSE-PPT) School Assignment (ONSA)

To use system of Online Notice of School Assignment, examinees should log on to the CSC website and go to the Examination Announcement webpage, or simply click this link.

Once in the Online Notice of School Assignment page, you just need to fill up the following fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • MI (Middle Initial)
  • Email
  • Mobile No.
  • Date of Birth
  • Region
  • Civil Service Exam Level
  • Then click Submit. And you can see what school and room assignment you are assigned.

Examinee may also check the box if he/she wants to receive Notice of Result.

The Commission said if applicants still do not know their school assignment or cannot access the Online Notice of School Assignment one (1) week before the examination day, they should inquire their school assignment from the CSC Regional/Field Office where they filed their application.

CSC said examinees are advised to observe procedures as follows:

  1. Visit and have an ocular inspection of the school venue at least one day before the examination day to be familiar with the school location;
  2. Be at the school venue on or before 7:00 am on examination day;
  3. Bring the following items on examination day:
    1. Valid I.D. (preferably the I.D. card presented in the filing of application) Note: “NO I.D., NO EXAM”
    2. Blue or black ballpen/s
    3. Lead pencil/s no. 1 or 2
    4. Eraser/Sharpener
    5. Clear bottled water, if any

CSC Regional Offices

NCR – Call CSC Regional Office NCR or any of its Field Offices (directory:…) Tel. # (02) 740-8412 / 749-0980 / 781-5864 / 781-5886 / 741-6097

La Union
*Professional (Saint Louis College) (La Union National High School)
*Sub Professional (La Union National High School)
Ilocos Sur
*Professional (Ilocos Sur National High School)
*Sub Professional (Ilocos Sur National High School)
Ilocos Norte
*Professional (Ilocos Norte National High School)
*Sub Professional (Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades)
Western Pangasinan (Lingayen)
*Professional (Lingayen 1 Central School) (Pangasinan National High School) (Pangasinan School of Arts and Trades) (Pangasinan State University)
*Sub Professional (Pangasinan School of Arts and Trades)
Eastern Pangasinan (Urdaneta)
*Professional (Urdaneta City National High School)
*Sub Professional (Urdaneta City University)
***Type ctrl + F to search names in the pdf files.

REGION 2 – Alternative link: or call CSC Regional Office II at tel. # (078) 844-3605 / 844-5352
REGION 3 – Call CSC Regional Office III at tel. no. (045) 455-3240
REGION 4 – Alternative link:
REGION 5 – Alternative link:
REGION 6 – Alternative link:
REGION 7 – Call CSC Regional Office VII at tel. nos. (032) 414-7676, 414-7488


REGION 8 – Alternative link:… or call CSC Regional Office VIII at tel. nos. (053) 323-2962/323-2857/323-2967
CSC Field Offices:
Leyte Field Office – (053) 323-4136
Southern Leyte Field Office – (053) 570-9085
Western Leyte Satellite Office – (053) 560-8172
Biliran Field Office – (053) 500-9220
Samar Field Office – (055) 543-9380
Eastern Samar Field Office – (055) 560-9290
Northern Samar Field Office – (055) 500-9125
REGION 9 – CSC Regional Office No. IX notifies examinees of their school and room assignment via SMS/text message. If you have not yet received such notice, please call tel. nos. (062) 955-1643 / 955-5946.

REGION 10 – Alternative link:

REGION 11 – Alternative link: or call CSC Regional Office XI at tel. nos. (082) 299-1727 / 299-1724 / 299-1725 / 297-0910

Davao City:
DRANHS – Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School (near Matina Crossing)
KTMES – Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Elem School (near Peoples’ Park)
Mabini ES* – Mabini Elementary School (Bangkal St, near DENR office)
MCES – Matina Central Elem School (near Matina Crossing)
MES – Magallanes Elem School (Magallanes St, back of Dvo City Hall)
PGES – Palma Gil Elementary School (DepEd Cmpd, Quirino Avenue)
SPED Bangkal – Dvo City Special Education School (Bangkal St)
STACES – Sta Ana Central Elem School (Magsaysay Ave, before NCCC)
STANHS – Sta Ana National High School (back of STACES)
UIC Bonifacio – University of Immaculate Conception (Claveria St)
UM Matina – University of Mindanao – Matina Campus (McArthur HiWay)
*Mabini Elem School and not Mabini National High School as indicated in the former list
Tagum City:
UM Tagum – University of Mindanao – Tagum Campus
MPES – Magugpo Pilot Elem School, Tagum City

REGION 12 – Send SMS to CSCRO XII TextCSC 09184453636
CARAGA – Call CSC Regional Office Caraga at tel. no. (085) 342-6089 or send SMS to Txt CSCCaraga: +63918-513-4278
ARMM – Call CSC Regional Office ARMM at tel. nos. (064) 552-0512/ (064) 552-0327
CAR – Call CSC Regional Office CAR at tel. no. (074) 4435981