April 2014 Civil Service Exam – CSE-PPT Rating of Passers

April 2014 Civil Service Exam - Rating Report

Following the announcement of April 2014 Civil Service Exam (CSE-PPT) passers for April 6, 2014, successful takers or passers of the exam now search for the ‘official rating of passer’.

In the previous release of civil service exam results, particularly in December 2013, the office of the Civil Service Commission reiterated that passers must personally claim their Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) at the CSC Regional Office (CSCRO) concerned where they filed their application.

CSC also said that representatives are not allowed to claim their CoE in their behalf.

Please bring the following items upon claiming the CoE:

  1. Two (2) valid Identification Cards (with your name, picture, date of birth and signature preferably those presented at the time of filing of application);
  2. Application receipt, if available; and
  3. Two (2) identical photos similar to the picture you pasted on the Picture-Seat Plan (PSP) during the examination.

For further query on schedule, requirements and procedures in claiming the CoE, please coordinate with the CSCRO concerned. You may access the link http://excell.csc.gov.ph/cscweb/dir_ro.html for the directory of the CSCROs.

April 2014 Civil Service Exam – Rating of Non-Passers

Meanwhile, those who failed the examination may secure a copy of their Report of Rating through the CSC website. No Report of Rating shall be mailed to those who failed.

Civil Service Exam Online Report of Rating

To secure a copy of the Report of Rating, an examinee must key in his/her name, date of birth, examinee number, examination date, and examination type. Thus, examinees are advised to safe keep or remember their examinee number until receipt of the examination result.