Reactions of some citizens about the last SONA of President Aquino


On July 27, 2015, President Benigno Aquino III delivered his sixth and last State of the Nation Address (SONA) at the Batasan Pambansa in Quezn City.


Amidst of the accomplishments of the president, a lot of the ordinary citizens have so much to say about the SONA of the President. Here are the reaction of some citizens about the last SONA of President Aquino.

For instance, yesterday, on my way home, I heard the conversation of a public vehicle driver and a passenger who were talking about the SONA and criticizing the president.

Yesterday, as well, the post of my former college professor caught my attention. The post goes “Bata lang ang naninisi ‪#‎SONA2015‬.”

Regina Layag, a college student, said that she has to commend the president for some of his success on his term, but she admitted that there are still many things which are left undone and unresolved.


“Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.”

Aquino said that the Philippines is now branded as the “Asia’s Rsing Tiger.” Probably those who are on the top would feel this, but how about those citizens who are at the bottom part of the society? Walking along the streets, one could still see that there are a lot of people suffering from poverty. In connection to this, the SWS released second-quarter survey which reveals that 51% of Filipino families considered themselves as poor.

How about the dispute regarding Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF)?


There are many politicians involved on this subject matter, but why didn’t he mention or clarify things under this issue? Some political analysts said that he should’ve shown or disclose to the public government transactions, records and the like.

He missed out to consider concerns about the dreadful Mamasapano issue

Philippines Police Commandos Killed

 A concerned college student named Joyvie Serrano said, “marami siyang nasabing accomplishments, pero maraming kulang pa din katulad ng issue tungkol sa Mamasapano.”

Way back, the president was also criticized by a lot of Filipinos about this occurrence for his absence due to his allged “busy” schedule. And he was also judged previously for he had made time to attend Gandang Gabi Vice, sponsored the “royal wedding,” accepted the interview regarding the thinning of his hair, but he failed to make time for the men who were slain. A lot are still seeking for justice for these forty-four men who were killed and called as heroes. It is a miserable thing that during his SONA and up to now, he remains soundless.


Positively speaking, there are still who considered that the SONA of the president satisfactory for this year.

An observant college named Mikaela Garcia said, “mas okay yung SONA niya ngayon as compared sa previous years. Kahit papano may nakita naman akong improvemnents. Yun nga lang may mga bagay lang talaga na kulang pa.”

In an interview conducted by GMA, one citizen also said that he likes PNoy for he has done so much for the country.


As the last State of the Nation Address of the President Aquino has ended, everyone has their own stand and point view. As a citizen of this democratic country, everyone has the right to speak up.


So what do you have in mind? Share your thoughts to me!