This P1 million chicken is in the Philippines

For the past couple of years, witnesses in NBP have been supplying locally raised chickens to a group of breeders who are spread among checkpoints and patrol bases outside the National Bilibid Prison. But these are no ordinary chickens. They are “the most expensive chicken in the world” valued at Php1 million each.

Most Expensive Chicken in the World is in the Philippines

The ‘most expensive chicken in the world’ is in the Philippines. And this chicken is not known to many until today’s congressional hearing on alleged drug operations at New Bilibid Prison.

Former Bureau of Corrections head Rafael Ragos saw a black handbag on his bed inside the Director’s Quarters of the BuCor. He looked inside the black handbag and saw that it contains some unknown animals. He claimed he then received a call asking him to deliver the black handbag containing five ‘chickens’ to assistant breeder Ronnie Dayan. The caller said the black handbag came from Peter Co who raised the ‘chicks’ to become full five ‘chickens.’

Ragos, who fetched Jovencio Ablen, Jr. (an NBI intelligence agent) in his house, asked the latter to accompany him in doing an important task, to deliver the ‘most expensive chicken in world’ valued at Php1 million each. The task was so critical that they needed to use a vehicle to deliver ‘five chickens’ to the house of Sen. De Lima located at Laguna Bay corner Subic Bay Drive, South Bay Village, Parañaque City.

This happened on the latter part of November 2012 that upon arriving at the house of Sen. De Lima before noon, they needed to park their vehicle in front of the house and alighted from the vehicle just to carefully hand over the ‘five chickens’ inside the black handbag fearing of losing them.

It was Ronnie Dayan who received the five ‘most expensive chicken in the world.’

Ragos also recalled that in the middle part of Decemeber 2012, he received a call to again deliver the ‘most expensive chicken.’ This time the unknown number of ‘most expensive chicken’ was packed in a plastic bag left on his bed inside his quarters at the BuCor, Muntinlupa City. He said that from the outside of the bag, he could easily perceive that it contains new ‘chickens’ because the bag is translucent.

He said he was able to deliver the ‘chickens’ with the help of Mr. Ablen to Sen. De Lima but was unable to determine the exact number of ‘chickens.’