ABS-CBN Recycles August Report To Elaborate Extrajudicial Killings in PH

This is why recycling is so important to haters of Pres. Duterte.


ABS-CBN news site reported a man shot dead by riding-in-tandem assassins Thursday, October 13, 2016.

ABS-CBN Recycles August Report To Elaborate Extrajudicial Killings in PH
RECYCLE: ABS-CBN reported a recycled article from an old post titled Househusband shot 10 times, dies released on August 24, 2016. Screenshot from ABS-CBN News official website

Although such headline is no longer new to me because they come up almost everyday in Philippine news, I still proceeded to read the entire news report.

Perhaps there was something interesting about how the headline was written. The usage of the word ‘prowl’ seemed to be worth clicking.

As I started to read the news, I feel sympathetic about the daughter of the victim (as seen in the first photo of the news report) who was crying upon discovering his father was killed. The way the news story was written also felt like a script of a heavy drama like MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya.)

However, my eyebrows started to raise when I read this part.

Manila Night Prowl: Dead dad, no motive

“Arnaldo Dela Cruz was shot 10 times past 2:30 that morning of August 24,” investigators said.

Did I just read that right? I hope my eyes were just tired from surfing the Internet. So I scrubbed my eyes, looked at that part again and see AUGUST 24 flash in front of me. I also checked the calendar to see the date then and it’s October 14, the date today.

I scrolled up to check the date this news report was written, hoping I happened to click an old news report by ABS-CBN. But NO! It’s really posted and updated October 13, not August 24.

Manila Night Prowl: Dead dad

When I scrolled down further, another date ‘August 29’ is written in the report.

Dead dad, no motive

I read the same article twice and it was clear to me I wasn’t just dreaming.

ABS-CBN really recycled this news from the original article titled Househusband shot 10 times, dies. The old article talked about same person – Arnaldo dela Cruz, 57. I have three reasons why.

Extrajudicial Killings News Sells

As I have mentioned earlier, this type of news related to extrajudicial killings happen almost everyday. But I still clicked to read the news. This means extra-judicial crime news like this are effective in grabbing our attention.

I personally want to know if the killing was drug-related or not. To me, there’s a bit of relief if the victim is a drug suspect because I feel safer knowing that the number of drug addicts are going down.

It’s just a shame that ABS-CBN did this for money. Now I’m wondering how many times ABS-CBN deprived me of my right to truthful and accurate information.

Indirect Attack to Duterte Administration

Most people could judge that ABS-CBN is on the side of the Yellow Party (Liberal Party.)

Another extrajudicial crime-related news like this surely adds up to the heat of the increasing number of extrajudicial killings in the country which has caught the attention of UN, US, EU, human rights activists and international media.

President Rodrigo Duterte is also very strong-willed in fighting back these meddling institutions.

Even before, ABS-CBN media’s reputation is tied to broadcasting lies in order to brainwash Filipinos. But it seems to me now that their target has gone up higher. They are spreading fake information in the Internet to make it seem that there are extrajudicial killings in the Philippines every day. This in turn would add up to the drama and increase international concern.

Human Error

The news’ writer, journalist Anjo Bagaoisan, must have displayed unprofessionalism and resubmitted this news report he had written last August to his editor.

The editor, tired of checking other extrajudicial killings related news, must have skipped the dates. He/she didn’t exert enough effort to validate the news from Bagaoisan.

If this is proven to be true, they will have to be suspended or fired for irresponsible broadcasting and unprofessional journalism. The team responsible for spreading the news to the world cannot be trusted to post timely reports.

No wonder ABS-CBN is defined as Aquino Broadcasting Station – Creating Bias News by haters online during the previous election campaign in the country.

Take a look at the whole news report here and judge for yourself.