President Rodrigo Duterte arrived Wednesday night from visits to Peru and New Zealand where he had his first engagement outside Asia.

He gave his arrival statement in Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City. He also took this opportune time to answer questions and clarify issues he had left during his international trip.

On ERC Corruption

Duterte threatened ERC officials after no actions from his previous order for them to resign following the controversial suicide of its official Atty. Francisco “Jun” Villa Jr.

“If ERC officials won’t quit, I will abolish the office.”

He also expressed his disfavor against corruption.

“Corruption lang talaga ang diko matanggap. I’m not trying to point an era here. Noon pa yan, estudyante pa ako.”

He warned corrupt officials ‘not to make the government a milking cow.’

On Laguna Lake Fishpen

Duterte wanted resolution of fishpen issues in Laguna Lake.

In his usual threatening manner to produce action, he gave a message to the fishpen owners.

“Kung ayaw nyo liitan, sisirain ko (ang mga fishpens)…. You are depriving not just to live, but to survive.”

He also ordered the military to destroy the fishpens if his order is disregarded.

“I will order the military to destroy it…. It will be my direct order and I will assume full responsibility.”

On Marcos Burial

Duterte was welcomed in Lima, Peru not only by the host country but also from the protests over the late Ferdinand Marcos’ burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

He then said that protest actions are allowed in all public open places.

He also challenged protesters who were questioning his decision about the burial to answer his questions.

“Was the late Pres. Marcos a president? Was he a soldier?”

According to him, these are the key reasons he made such a decision.

On His War On Drugs

Duterte pointed out drug advocates who are actually traitors of the country by reminding them of his active anti-drug campaign.

“I declare war (on drugs) because we are already in narco-politics state…. I’m warning them again, ‘you may not just lose your fans, but also your life.”

The president is stern on his campaign, he is ready to risk even his life.

“Taya ko dito ang buhay ko, pati ang aking trabaho.”

On Bato’s Cry of Desperation

PNP Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ de la Rosa bursted into tears over drug war frustration during the Senate probe on the killings of Rolando Espinosa.

When the president was asked about his opinion, he responded that Bato’s emotions are understandable.

“It was just an expression of a human being with burden. Naintindihan ko.”

Duterte has vowed to protect upright policemen and soldiers.

On New World Order with Russia and China

Duterte clarified that the NWO is purely economics, opposed to the rumored military alliance.

His realignment of policy towards Russia and China is just in time for the betterment of the Philippines’ economy.

“It’s about to time we redirect our policy.”

He also shared his previous sentiment with once closest ally US over deprivation of arms.

He said that if PH and US are true allies, US should have not deprived PH with arms. This was the reason why he went to Russia and China to get the resources he need.

On Extra-Judicial Killings

Duterte discussed the alleged extra-judicial killings brought about by his war on drugs.

“If it’s extra-judicial killings, why am I losing 2-3 policemen every day?”

He also pointed out US hypocrisy over the issue.

“We are being called by names everywhere and here you are America killing people, children and even the dogs. Give me the meaning of hypocrisy and I will address myself.”