The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) is closely monitoring the release of bonuses ranging from P34,000 to P64,000 by yearend to DepEd teachers. The sum of the bonuses is double what they got last year year.

In a report of Inquirer citing statement from TDC chair Benjo Basas, a teacher with a basic salary of P19,077 awaits the following perks: a minimum of P5,000 in performance-based bonus (PBB); a year-end bonus worth P19,077; P5,000 in cash gift and another P5,000 as productivity enhancement incentive (PEI).

But teachers, who stand to receive the maximum amount of P35,000 in PBB, can get the maximum amount of P64,077, Basas said.

DepEd personnel in the division and regional offices are now working “double time” in order to release the performance-based bonus (PBB), year-end bonus and cash gift this month.

Meanwhile, the PEI will be given in December, Basas noted.

Last year, an entry-level teacher got P16,774 in bonuses while about a small percentage of teachers received the maximum amount of P46,744, Basas said.

A total of 720,000 public school teachers is expected to receive said bonuses before yearend.

Last Friday, Nov. 4, TDC noted on its Facebook page, as per dialogue with DepEd-NCR last November 2, PBB for teachers has not been released due to failure of some regions (DepEd field offices) to comply with DBM requirements.

“As for the year-end bonus (YEB) we call on the DBM to immediately release said amount as well as the PBB so it could help the teachers in year-end expenses, especially those affected by typhoons in the North. As per guidelines PBB should be given by October & YEB by November,” TDC said.

DepEd Secretary Briones on Thursday, November 3 assured TDC that the PBB will be released within November.